Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar: Did you know the master-blaster couldn’t sleep after his first 200 runs in the ODIs

New Delhi: April 24 is no less than a festival for Sachin Tendulkar’s fans as today is the birthday of the master-blaster. Today Tendulkar is celebrating his 48th birthday. Almost every major record of world cricket has come from his bat. It was Sachin, who hit a double century in the ODIs after a 40-year-long hurdle. Let’s share with you an interesting story related to this historic innings today.

On 24 February 2010, the second match of the three-match ODI series was played in Gwalior, where Sachin batted the entire 50 overs and scored the first double century in the ODI history. He returned unbeaten after scoring 200 runs in 147 balls. During this, 25 fours and three sixes were also blown. These innings played at a strike rate of 136.05, made Captain Roop Singh Stadium’s name immortal forever.

Sachin, then 38, was very tired after this historic innings. How could he forget to write about this day in his autobiography. He writes, ‘I was very tired after the match. Despite this, I did not get sleep overnight. That evening I was so happy and excited that I could not sleep.’ Tendulkar said, ‘Mine and Dhoni’s room in the hotel was separate and far from the rest of the fellow players. The room was very large, which also had a private pool. The bathroom was also very spacious, with glass doors. When we looked outside, big trees were seen and the curtains of the room were blowing from the air. It was difficult to sleep in such a view. I had to keep the bathroom lights on all night, and then I picked up the phone and started answering congratulatory messages.’

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Prior to Sachin, the highest score in ODIs was 194, which was named after Pakistan’s Saeed Anwar and Zimbabwe Charles Coventry. Anwar scored this against India in 1997 and Charles in Bangladesh in 2009. After Sachin, Virender Sehwag scored an innings of 219 against the West Indies. After this, Rohit Sharma also played an innings and scored 264 against Sri Lanka, the highest individual score in ODIs. Apart from this, Martin Guptill and Chris Gayle have scored double centuries in ODIs.

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