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It is the 47th birthday of former actress Bobby Darling, now known as PAKHI. She has given some amazing comic performances in films like Apna Sapna Money Money and Kya Kool Hai Hum. Though Bobby was born male- aka Pankaj Sharma, she considers herself a woman ‘trapped in a man’s body’. Once, while in conversation, she mentioned that the desire to be a woman first came to her in the seventh grade. Speaking of why she preferred being female, she said, “Men are like dogs. Lekin ek aurat admi ko bana sakti kai, barbad bhi kar sakti hai.”

Bobby had a grieved childhood and confronted a lot of contention with her folks over her sexuality. At an early age, she ran away from home and was later repudiated by her father-in-law. Not paying a lot of notice to every one of that was holding her back, Bobby chose to make money as an artist. As indicated by reports an entertainment portal, she acquired Rupees 170 for her first gig.

Revealing how she first saw dreams of becoming an actress, Bobby told a newspaper that it was after she read an interview featuring the legendary Rekha. The superstar’s words: “If you’re famous, people love you for being famous. They don’t care about your personal life,” struck a chord with Bobby, who thought that would be an ideal life.  After struggling for a long while, she was finally being recognised as THE Bobby Darling, post films like Taal, Page 3  and Chalte Chalte — but believing she was becoming popular for the right reasons was a big bet. While work opportunity is one thing, more often than not, the roles written for Bobby Darling have been crass, distasteful and highly problematic. 

The issue is Bollywood’s portrayal of a transgender is quite often in a comical light. Also, to exacerbate the situation, there are cliché turns of phrase that radiates a slanted point of view measure with regards to the LGBTQ community. In case you’re considering what the issue is, it’s that when transgenders have appeared in this way typically, it does not just impact the public’s response to the network but at the same time is an open joke of their ability and being.

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