Green Diwali: Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, How To Celebrate Festival Of Lights In A Greener Way ?

The “Festival of Lights” also known as Diwali, is just around the corner. The highly anticipated festival which is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram, Devi Sita, and his brother Lakshman, after being exiled for fourteen years back to the kingdom of Ayodhya.

Diwali is believed to the festival of lights that brings good luck, happiness, and prosperity to all. The lighted diyas not only illuminate the environment but also has to shack the darkness of poverty and ignorance.

From wearing new clothes to lightening diyas & candles and eating delicious sweets, the festival is all about celebrations. The festival of lights is all about ending the darkness inside us and filling it with love, affection, and light.

As the festival takes the pace, the Diwali night is celebrated with bursting crackers. The crackers not only cause air pollution but also lead to noise pollutions. There are even cases of reported causalities because of crackers. As the country is suffering from the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which is a respiratory disease, a lot of states in the country have banned the use of firecrackers, urging the citizens to celebrate “Green Diwali”.

What is Green Diwali?

Green Diwali is a way of celebrating the festival of lights with minimum damage to the environment. The idea is simple, we have to save the environment and mother Earth, which provides us all the natural resources. The bursting of firecrackers not only causes pollution but is also detrimental to the health of elderly people, children, and animals. Many people suffer from pollution-related ailments during the festive season due to poor air quality.

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How to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali?

Celebrating Diwali in such a manner so that it may not cause harm to the environment is the essence of Eco-friendly Diwali. Here are a few ways to celebrate Diwali in a green and clean manner.

  • Use organic colors for rangoli

Rangolis are the attraction of Diwali celebrations. Pretty and colorful designs make our houses look beautiful, but synthetic colors are dangerous for the environment and unhealthy when inhaled and cause serious health issues. Opting for organic colors and flowers is the best choice for eco-friendly Diwali. Organic rangoli colors are available in the markets easily.

  • Save electricity consumption

Another major part and attraction during Diwali are decorating the house with lights and lamps. While using those light strips, one should make sure that the lights are LEDs. There are even solar decoration lights available in the market, that won’t be needing any electricity.

Instead of buying plastic diyas, you can always purchase the clay diyas from a potter. These diyas are eco-friendly and when bought will also put a smile on the face of the potter.

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic and the air pollution, a lot of states have banned the use of firecrackers, as not only they cause air quality damage but also causes damage to human ears and harm the animals.

Avoid firecrackers or use green crackers if allowed.

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