Great opportunity to invest In gold this festive season … Get gold much cheaper than market price

Nov. 10, 2020, 3:26 p.m.

Diksha Kumari, New Delhi: In this festive season the rate of gold is increasing steadily which has resulted in the price increasing to Rs 55,000 per 10 grams of 24 karat gold.

If you are planning to purchase gold, then the government is offering you a budget friendly price under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme.

The scheme is proving you an offer by which you can invest the amount of Rs 51,770 per 10 grams of gold. This offer is only valid till November 13. It is giving you an offer price of Rs. 3330 which is less than the market price.

In such a way you can earn more profit while investing in sovereign gold bonds. This scheme is valid till November 13.

According to Gold MCX, the steady price of gold has reached more than Rs. 52 thousands and 480 rupees per gram at Gold Future by morning 10:10 am on November 9.

According to it the price of 1 gram of Gold is Rs. 5,248 while the price according to Sovereign Gold Bond is Rs. 5177 per gram.

So while going with this you can save the sum of Rs. 71.

Get a discount on digital payment

Get a discount offer on digital payment. People who will apply online and pay digitally will survey get a discount of Rs. 50 on per gram on gold. Means if you purchase gold through modes then you will get profit of Rs. 500 and more at per 10 grams of Gold.

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Get interest of 2.50 % on Issue Price

Sovereign Gold Bond gives 2.50% of interest on issue price every year. The money automatically transferred to your account on every 6 months. This is a valid offer and you can not earn profit like this on Gold EFT and physical gold.

According to information given by the NSE website, after the 8 years of the maturity period, Sovereign does not levy any tax on any profit earned by it. There is no TDS on the interest you get on every six months.

How much gold to purchase?

A person can purchase of minimum 1 gram and a maximum 4 kilograms of gold in a financial year. But if the purchase is for any organization then the purchasing power is more than 20 kilograms.

The maturity period of gold is of eight years, means if you need you can convert it into cash after five years.

According to the NSE, To apply for a loan in sovereign Gold Bond you can use a collateral. Apart from this, the bond also trends on the NSE.

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