Govt’s major foreign policy mistake has isolated India: Rahul Gandhi

Govt’s major foreign policy mistake has isolated India: Rahul Gandhi
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Modi government of committing major strategic and foreign policy mistakes, leaving India ‘Isolated and surrounded’ by China and Pakistan who have joined hands against the country. Speaking on the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Gandhi alleged that the Modi government’s policies led to the biggest unemployment and attacks on states and institutions.

To the fury of treasury benches, Gandhi said, “The Judiciary, the Election Commission, and Pegasus are instruments used for destroying the voice of the people of states” thus triggering political crossfire PM Modi is expected to reply to the debate in the coming days.

Gandhi also alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi facilitated purchase of Pegasus spyware. BJP MPs, however, objected to the reference to a ‘sub judice matter’. Modi is slated to reply to the House debate in the coming days.

“The nation is at risk from outside and inside. And I don’t like that. This worries me. I know many of you will rubbish what I am saying, but remember you are putting the nation at a great risk,” Gandhi said. Alleging that BJP-RSS were playing with the foundations of the nation, Gandhi said, “ask yourself why you are not able to get a guest on Republic Day. India today is completely isolated and surrounded. We are surrounded by Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. The Chinese have a very clear vision of what they want. The single biggest strategic goal of India’s foreign policy had been to keep Pakistan and China separate, but you brought them closer. Do not underestimate the force, the power that stands before us. I can clearly see that China has a plan. The foundation of their plan has been put in place in Dokalam. This is a very serious threat to the Indian nation. We have made huge strategic mistakes in J&K and in our foreign policy. It is very clear that the Chinese and Pakistanis are conspiring.”

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Gandhi said the President’s address ignored the unemployment problem and said there were now two Indias. “One is for the extremely rich people who have immense wealth and don’t need jobs. The other is for the poor.” Most of the India’s wealth is cornered “by a few industrialists, including Adani and Ambani.” Gandhi also accused the Modi government of overlooking states and their respective aspirations, problems and culture. “This (diversity of states) is like a bouquet of flowers. I learn from all the people… There is another vision; that India can be ruled by a stick from the Centre. Every time that has happened, the stick was broken,” Gandhi said and referred to the Punjab farmers’ agitation and anti-Neet agitation in Tamil Nadu.

His comments that a delegation from Manipur on a visit to home minister Amit Shah’s house was asked to leave footwear outside the residence, while the minister wore footwear, drew flak from the BJP. Minister Piyush Goyal alleged Gandhi was insulting India’s traditions. The LS debate was opened BJP MPs from poll bound UP, Harish Dwivedi and Kamalesh Paswan, who spoke mostly on the initiatives of the Centre for Uttar Pradesh. Later, Gandhi’s remarks that Dalit MP Paswan was never comfortable in the BJP evoked a rebuttal from the member. DMK MP TR Balu registered his protest about the manner the presidential assent has been delayed to the Tamil Nadu legislation against Neet.

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