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Govt slams Twitter, alleges attempt to undermine India’s democracy

New Delhi: The government has expressed displeasure over Twitter for refusing to follow the new guidelines and raising the issue of freedom of expression.

The Information and Technology Ministry has slammed Twitter by issuing a statement on the indigenous Koo app. It is clear from the government’s statement on the Koo app that it wants to give a strong message to Twitter.

In its statement, the government has said that Twitter has tried to undermine the world’s largest democracy. The ministry said that Twitter has refused to accept the new regulations and acted as a safe haven for criminal activities in India.

Not only this, the government has also reminded Twitter of India’s tradition of democracy and freedom of expression. The government said that India has had a democratic system and freedom of expression for centuries. 

“To protect free speech in India, we do not need any private, profit-driven and foreign institution. Even Twitter and its non-transparent policies have done the job of stopping free speech. Due to this, people’s accounts are being suspended and tweets are also being deleted without any valid reason,” the statement said.

The government has clearly stated that making laws and implementing policies is entirely the job of a sovereign government and Twitter is just a social media platform. It should not interfere with what should be India’s legal policy framework. 

Not only this, the government questioned the claims of Twitter, saying, ‘Twitter claims that it is with the people of India. But it is ironic that Twitter has not shown this in the recent past. ‘

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The government also gave examples of Twitter bias

The ministry has also given an example of how Twitter had revealed the geo location of some areas of Ladakh to China. 

Apart from this, restrictions were imposed on the people who took to Twitter about the violence in the Capitol Hill of America.

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