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Google Chrome to warn you before submitting risky forms on secure pages

California: Tech giant Google is working on a new feature for its Chrome browser that will warn users before they share personal information via an insecure website.

The new feature will be launched with the new version of Chrome: Chrome M86. 

The update will warn users when they try to submit insecure forms on secure (HTTPS) pages.

“These “mixed forms” (forms on HTTPS sites that do not submit on HTTPS) are a risk to users` security and privacy. Information submitted on these forms can be visible to eavesdroppers, allowing malicious parties to read or change sensitive form data,” Google said in an official blog post.

Also, in the new version autofill will be disabled on mixed forms and when a user will begin filling out a mixed form, they will see warning text alerting them that the form is not secure. 

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