Good news: 55 thousand companies will provide 1.04 lakh jobs, check details

New Delhi: If you are unemployed and your registration is in the employment office, then there is good news for you. In this period of corona transition period, 55 thousand companies registered on National Career Service portal are bringing 1.04 lakh jobs. Vacancies will start appearing on the portal by the end of this month.

On the portal of this National Career Service of the Central Labor and Employment Department, 33 lakh unemployed registered in the employment office in the state will get a job opportunity. However, 1.02 crore youths across the country are registered on the National Portal. Despite the limited number of vacancies compared to registration, qualified youth will get the chance to interview online sitting at home.

All the 92 regional and district service offices of Lucknow, including Lucknow, are in the final stages of transferring the complete records of the unemployed registered on the portal of the National Career Service of the Central Government. With this, not only will the unemployed get information about vacancies in government and non-government institutions all over the country, but they will also get the opportunity to apply online for jobs at home.

‘The portal created under the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Central Government will also be able to benefit the youth of the state. The 55 companies registered on the portal will provide job opportunities to the unemployed. The youth will get complete information on the home sitting portal The efforts of the companies and the initiative of the government for the youth in the Corona transition period is commendable -Kunal Shilku, Director, Training & Employment

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