Gold Price Update: Golden chance to buy gold on Dev Uthani Ekadashi; Rate slips by 6000

Gold Price Update: Dev Uthani Ekadashi is today. According to Hindu mythology, all auspicious tasks shall begin today. You now have a good opportunity to purchase gold and silver at a discount. Gold and silver are currently available for less than Rs 6000 per 10 grams and Rs 23000 per kg, respectively. Silver currently costs around Rs 57000 per kilogramme, while gold costs roughly Rs 50100 every 10 kilos.

Gold decreased in price by Rs 710 per 10 grammes on Thursday, the fourth day of current trading week, and concluded at Rs 50114. In contrast, gold increased in price by Rs 133 per ten grammes on Wednesday’s final trading day, closing at Rs 50824 per gramme.

The price of silver on Thursday also sharply declined. Silver decreased in price by Rs 1578 on Thursday, closing at Rs 57049 per kilogramme. In contrast, silver dropped in price on Wednesday from Rs. 421 per kg to Rs. 58627 per kg.

Current pricing for 14 to 24 carat gold

This caused the price of 24 carat gold to drop by Rs. 50114 on Thursday, the price of 23 carat gold to drop by Rs. 707, the price of 22 carat gold to drop by Rs. 45904, the price of 18 carat gold to drop by Rs. 612, the price to drop by Rs. 37586, and the price of 14 carat gold to drop by Rs. 415, closing at Rs. 29317 per 10 grammes.

From their all-time highs, gold is now down by almost 6,000 rupees and silver by 23,000 rupees.

The price of gold per 10 grammes is currently roughly Rs 6068 less than it was at its peak. Let me inform you that gold reached its peak in August 2020. At that point, the price of gold per 10 kilos had increased to Rs 56200. Silver was also declining in price at a rate of roughly Rs 22931 per kilogramme from its peak. Silver is now priced at Rs. 79980 per kilogramme.

Give a missed call to know current gold price.

For information on the retail costs of 22 karat and 18 karat gold jewellery, you can leave a missed call at 8955664433. In a little while, rates will be sent to your SMS account. For information on regular changes, you may also visit or

Check purity of gold in this way

Currently, the government has created an app that allows you to examine the purity of gold. Customers can check the purity of gold using the BIS Care app. You can not only examine the purity of gold with this app, but you can also file a complaint against it.

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