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Gold and Silver prices today: Check weekly trends of gold and silver


LAST UPDATED: Dec. 20, 2020, 11:22 a.m.

New Delhi (Anish Yande): Prices for gold and silver traded above the extent seen in previous weeks. On December 19th, gold prices settled at Rs 50,305 per 10 gram. Gold gained Rs 980 within the week. For three trading sessions, gold traded at increasing rates. 

Gold was up by 0.20 percent at the close of the week. Meanwhile, holdings of gold in the SDPR Gold Trust remained the same at 1,167.82 tonnes. Within this week, the gold, silver ratio stands at 75.32 to 1. The rate has declined, which points out that the incline of silver prices has outperformed gold.

Today’s Gold and Silver Prices today:

The gold prices in India increased slightly by Rs 10 on Sunday. The gold prices for 22-carat gold at Rs 48,720. The gold prices for 24-carat gold are at Rs 49,720.

Gold prices in the national capital for 22 carat of 10 grams is at Rs 48,970. The gold prices in Delhi 24 carat of 10 grams of gold is at Rs 53,410. The prices for 24-carat gold were on an incline above Rs 52,000, throughout the week. 

The gold prices in Mumbai are at Rs 48,720 for 22 carat gold of 10 grams. The prices for gold in Mumbai are at Rs 49,720 for 24 carat gold of 10 grams. 

Gold, Silver prices in Cities:

In cities such as Mangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad, and Kerela, the gold rates were on a decline compared to the national rate. In the cities, the prices of 22-carat gold are at Rs 46,810, and the prices of 24-carat gold are at Rs 51,060.

Silver prices in India remained unchanged compared to yesterday. Silver cost Rs 67,900 per kg. Silver prices were on an incline in India, with a constant rise throughout the week. The silver rate reached Rs 71600 per kg. 

In the futures market, the gold rate reached an intraday high of Rs 50,469 in the week. On MCX, the gold rate reached an intraday low of Rs 50,105. 

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