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Global community needs to help those in need: Piyush Goyal at WEF

New Delhi: Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Wednesday called on the global community to prioritise exporting COVID-19 related items to counties in the dire need in a bid to save lives. The counties across the world should also share vaccines liberally with those in need, the minister added.

He was speaking at the World Economic Forum’s Global Trade Outlook session and said that India would soon combat the deadly pandemic and emerge stronger than ever, emphasising that global solidarity is the need of the hour.

He said that under the circumstances, speed is of the essence, as this will allow all to meet the objective of equitable, timely and affordable access for all to vaccines, therapeutics and other goods required to deal with COVID-19 pandemic,” a note from his office said.

“He said that India had provided 67 million doses of Covid vaccine earlier, believing in the motto of ‘Vasudhev Katumbakam’ (the world is one family),”  it added. 

With enhanced manufacturing and supply of vaccines, India will be at the forefront in supporting the least developed countries and the developing nations in this hour of need, the Commerce minister added.

He added that India has always followed global intellectual property or IP conventions and would continue to do so.

India, the second worst affected country by the pandemic in the world, is currently suffering from the second wave of the pandemic. India, completely unprepared for the prevailing surge, has received global help as many countries have sent medical oxygen and other needful resources to help the country arrest the surge. 

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Meanwhile, the Centre has received not only nationwide but global backlash over its handling of the pandemic.  




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