“Genocide, War Crimes, Execution”: Nagaland BJP On Botched Operation

People at Hornbill festival held a candlelight vigil to mourn the death of civilians.


“It is tantamount to war crimes during peacetime and amounts to summary execution as well as genocide,” Nagaland state BJP president Temjen Imma Along said about the killing of 15 people, including 14 civilians and one special forces personnel, in a counter-insurgency operation that went awry on Saturday. 

Mr Along, who is also a minister in the state government, said he was “deeply anguished and heartbroken” at the killing of “13 innocent Oting villagers”. In a public letter signed by him, he said that it “can’t be tolerated by anyone at any cost” and that simply putting the blame on intelligence failure was “the lamest excuse”. 

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