Geely Panda Unveiled: Most Compact EV, Smaller in size than Tata Nano!

New Delhi: Chinese automaker Geely has launched its Panda Mini EV mini electric car in China. The new EV is even smaller than the Tata Nano. The Geely Panda measures 3,065mm in length, which is shorter than the 3,099mm Nano. This car has a 30 kW electric motor connected to an LFP battery pack. The range of the car on a full charge is said to be 150 km.

Geely Panda EV Price

According to Gizmochina, Geely has launched the Panda Mini EV electric mini car in China, the price of which has not been disclosed by the company, but the car is believed to be priced between $5,700 (about Rs 4.70 lakh) and $7,200. Earth. (around Rs 5.94 lakh) can be launched between. The company says the car will be available next year 2023.

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Geely Panda EV Range

Speaking of the powertrain, the Panda Mini EV gets a 30kW electric motor that is powered by an LFP battery. Currently, the company has not disclosed the battery capacity, but its range on a full charge is said to be 150 km.

The Panda Mini electric car is a very compact car, which you can guess from the fact that its length is less than the Tata Nano, once popular in the country as the Lakhtakia. While the Tata Nano measures 3,099 mm in length, the Panda Mini electric car measures 3,065 mm in length. The Chinese market is already dominated by the mini car and if Geely launches this car around the estimated price, it will definitely stand up to the competition in the country.

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The electric car has a blacked-out grille with “Geome” lettering on the charging door, a reference to Geely’s sub-brand name (Geometry). Several media outlets have reported in the recent past that the Panda Mini EV will initially be launched under the Geometry, but the management eventually introduced it under the Geely banner.

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