Ganga Dussehra 2021: Gangavataran is very auspicious this year, will bring home wealth

New Delhi: The 10th day of Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha is celebrated as Ganga Dussehra. This year Gangavataran is on June 20th, and 2021 Ganga Dussehra is considered very auspicious. On this day, Jupiter will start moving in the opposite direction in Saturn’s sign Aquarius’ position. Jupiter is considered to be a very auspicious planet. When the position of Jupiter is strong, wealth is attained. Guru will be retrograde on the day of Ganga Dussehra and will prove to be very fruitful as will shower wealth. 

Remedies with Gangajal: Ganga bath is of great importance on the day of Ganga Dussehra. During the Corona period, if you are not able to take a dip in the Ganges, then you should bathe at home by adding Ganga water to your normal water. Also, sprinkle Gangajal all over the house. 

Success in job: If you want to get success in your job or business, then donate earthen pots on the day of Ganga Dussehra. While donating, fill the pot with water till the top and put few drops of Gangajal in it, also add some sugar in it. Put a lid in this pot and donate it to the needy, this will give you success in work. 

Get rid of debt: To get rid of debt, on the day of Ganga Dussehra, take a black thread, and according to the length, wrap it on a coconut. Keep this coconut in the temple of your house and in the evening throw it in the running water and return home without looking back at it.

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Plant trees: Planting a pomegranate tree on the day of Ganga Dussehra removes financial constraints and gives the special blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. Do not forget to plant a pomegranate tree inside your house this year.

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