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From Rat Temple to Magnetic Hills, most unusual places to visit in India

New Delhi: India is all about beauty. From beautiful mountains to regal temples, the country is filled with sights to see. While many places have been in the eyes of travelers for ages, there are certain places that still remain undiscovered. Today, we will introduce you to places that might not have made it to the list of most beautiful travel destinations, but are unique to bits. 

 Karni Mata Temple(Rajasthan)


This temple situated in Rajasthan is home to more than 20,000 rats. These rats are known as ‘KABBAS’ who are manifestation of goddess karni mata. The kabbas roam freely all over the temple and can also be seen drinking milk from a huge bowl which is located at the middle of the temple. Everyday, thousands of devotees visit the temple to feed kabbas. As propagated by the locals, if you see white mice, a rare sight, you have received blessings of mata Karni. However, if you kill or harm any kabba, then it will be considered  a sin and in order to avoid that, you have to donate a silver or gold rat statue to the temple.

Magnetic Hill(Ladakh)

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Located at an Elevation of 3,352.8 meters, Magnetic hill is one of the most unusual places in India which  is not popular amongst the travelers. It is famous for its magnetic properties that pull the vehicle uphill even if the ignition is turned off. this magic is actually the result of gravitational force of hill and this adventurous yet thrilling experience is what attracts the travelers.

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 Chandipur Beach(Odisha)

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 Odisha is famous for beaches and dams. One such beach in Odisha is Chandipur beach which is also known as hide and seek beach, The sea water recedes up to 3 miles during low tide and returns back during the high tide. This is very unusual yet interesting fact about Chandipur beach which happens everyday and makes it different from other beaches. 


 Living Root Bridges(Meghalaya)

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In East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya lies the magic of Mother nature-Living roots bridges, This bridge is made with rubber tree roots that are placed in the trunk of the plants and once the roots reach the other side of the stream, they ingrained in soil and with stones and pebbles. It takes more than 15 years to this bridge to get stronger. one more fact about this is that these bridges last for hundred years.

Dog Temple(Karnataka)

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We have heard people loving their dogs, but worshiping the dog is definitely the next level. Sounds weird? Yes! In Chennapatna’s Ramnagar District, a Temple has statues of  dogs alongside their village god.  As dogs symbolize faithfulness, people visiting Dog  Temple are of the belief that dogs should be worshipped. Well, it seems like after cows, its dogs who have been promoted to the god level. 

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