Former SL Player Dilhara Lokuhettige banned for 8 Years under ICC Anti-Corruption Code

New Delhi: Dilhara Lokuhatige has been found guilty by the Anti-Corruption Tribunal for violation of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Code. This is the reason, the ICC has banned former Sri Lankan player from cricket for 8 years.

From T10 leagues to T20 leagues, he has enticed players into his hoax. Dilhara Lokuhteige has also been declared as accused by the ICC on behalf of Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) with the dissolution of three cases under ICC’s Anti Corruption Code for the participants for the T10 League.

“Having represented Sri Lanka in international cricket, Dilhara had attended a number of anti-corruption education sessions and would have known his actions were a breach of the Code,” Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager – Integrity Unit, said in a release.

“The severity of the sanction reflects the seriousness of his offences and his continued refusal to cooperate and should serve as a deterrent for anyone considering getting involved in corruption of any kind.”

In January this year, the tribunal found Lokuhettige guilty of:

Article 2.1.1 – for being party to an agreement or effort to fix or contrive or otherwise influence improperly the result, progress, conduct or other aspect(s) of a match.

Article 2.1.4 – directly or indirectly soliciting, inducing, enticing, instructing, persuading, encouraging or intentionally facilitating any participant to breach code article 2.1.

Article 2.4.4 – failing to disclose to the ACU full details of any approaches or invitations received to engage in corrupt conduct under the code.

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