First Take 2022: Art Show Set To Showcase Works Of Young Artists In Delhi

New Delhi: India being a hub of artisans and a home to traditional art and crafts, has given birth to eminent artists for generations. Art has always been a medium to express one’s inner thoughts that words can’t fathom. The language of art has evolved with time reflecting the change that every generation brings with them. Visual art in the form of paintings is a marvellous sight and speaks so much more through its tones, shades, and hues.

Art exhibitions held across the country at times showcase and nurture the talents hidden in the corners of the county, thereby bringing them to the limelight and also serving as a marvelous journey for viewers as well as paintings tell those stories that are not found in fables.

Abir India, a nonprofit organisation that encourages the emergence of new artists in the country, has announced that the grand finale of Abir First Take 2022, the sixth iteration of their yearly arts festival will be held at Bikaner House in New Delhi from November 12 to 18. Abir India has received an astounding 2,200 art submissions from 309 cities in India.

First Take 2022 is all set to display the selected works of 148 talented young Indian artists, handpicked by a jury of reputed artists in an open, transparent selection procedure. This year’s jury comprised: G.R. Iranna, Jayaram Poduval, Manisha Parekh, Manjunath Kamath, and Ramesh Vedhanbatla. The top 10 artists from the shortlist have been recognised for their brilliance, originality, and expressiveness.

Jury at work. (Image source: Abir India)

The exhibition used to be organized at Ahmedabad previously which has been shifted to Delhi this year. The First Take 2022 and Abir India are both commemorating the journey of numerous artists who have been associated with Abir in their show called Rekindled Spirits.

A brief about Abir India:

Abir India is a nonprofit organisation that encourages the emergence of new artists and modern Indian art in India. Ruby Jagrut, a natural dye advocate based in Ahmedabad, launched it in 2016.

Ruby Jagrut, Founder of Abir India (Image Source: Abir India)
Ruby Jagrut, Founder of Abir India (Image Source: Abir India)

Some Artworks that are showcased at the exhibition:

Among a large number of artworks showcased at the exhibition, have a look at a few of them:

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Artwork: Deterioration-2

Artist: Anshu Kumari, Tatanagar-Jharkhand

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Artwork : Infinity Symbol-2

Artist: Jyotiprakash Sethy, Delhi.

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Artwork : Reassurance

Artist : Shrparna Dutta, Kolkata

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Art Work : Uljhan

Artist : Bikashchandra Senapati, Kendrapada – Odisha

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Artwork: Untitled – AD

Artist : Adarsh Palandi – Damoh – Madhya Pradesh

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