Fearing overdose of Bhang this Holi 2022? Know quick tips to cure the hangover

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Quick tips to cure Holi hangover

The time of Holi is near. This festival of colours brings happiness and joy to everyone’s life. On this day people cherish delicacies like Gujiya, Papad, Dahi Bhalla and Thandai. While many like to enjoy the festival with food, others enjoy an addition of Bhang in their drinks and eatables. Bhang is almost essential in Holi parties as people love to lose control and enjoy with their friends and families. However, it is important to understand that overdose of bhang isn’t good. It only leads to bad taste in good memories and leaves you with a severe headache.

If you or someone you know has consumed bhang and is now dealing with a hangover, here are some quick and easy tips to get rid of it.

Remedies to get rid of Bhang hangover

  • If you have overdosed on Bhang and are inebriated, make sure not to consume any sweets. Fried food should be avoided in this situation as it makes it worse.
  • Consume a lot of ghee. You can also use white butter instead of ghee.
  • You can also consume curd as it gives relief from a hangover.
  • You can also consume some Ayurvedic medicines after the advice of the doctor, including Ashwagandharishta, Panchatrikghrit, Brahmi Sipar and Panchadravyaghrit.
  • You can also drink lemonade, it also reduces intoxication.
  • Drinking tamarind water is also said to be beneficial.
  • Eating roasted gram and orange is also beneficial.

So enjoy Holi, but by keeping a safe distance from Bhang. don’t let it ruin the fun. Also, remember all these remedies, so that you can help such people who have consumed bhang on Holi and have fallen prey to its intoxication.

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