Father’s Day 2021: Here’s a list of fun activities to do at home this year

New Delhi: When it comes to Father’s Day, we are supposed to thank our dad for a billion things in just one day. Gifts, have to be the right ones, activities must be the fun ones, and cakes shall be a perfect one. While this year, might be significantly different and the celebrations may be subdued or virtual, it is essential to honor the bond that we share with our fathers. This year we have a list of some special things you can do at home with your dad and make your Paa feel a little more loved and special.

1. Cooking together: When it’s cooking together then the bond and the taste is better. So rather than baking for your dad; plan a cook with him of his choice of food to make the day even more special. 

2. Cake and Gift: Dads usually don’t receive many gifts from others, so a surprise cake or gift is surely going to make him teary-eyed. Nowadays, many online portals are offering cake and gift delivery amid lockdown.

3. Game night: The best thing about childhood is the games we played which are not much recognized now. Be it ludo or carrom, it always brings back memories for all. 

4. Movie marathon: A day before Father’s Day, try and get a few names of your dad’s favorite movies; be it comedy, mystery, action, or family drama, watch it with him. Don’t forget to grab some popcorn and sodas to complete the day.

5. Hand-made Gift: If you find it confusing to buy any gift online, then learn a little DIY and surprise your dad with a hand-made gift on Father’s Day. This DIY process will open a door to great opportunities! Make something like a scrapbook, string of memories, personal diary among others for him. 

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