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Farmers not ready to accept Supreme Court verdict on agricultural laws, want total repeal

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has stayed the implementation of the three agricultural laws till further orders. 

The Supreme Court has also constituted a 4-member committee to resolve this issue. The committee will now negotiate to resolve the problem. Farmers’ organizations have made it clear that they respect the decision of the Supreme Court, but their demand is not to stay but to repeal the agricultural laws.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, farmers celebrated at the borders of Delhi. But the skepticism still remains when the farmers’ movement ends. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that he will not end the agitation yet. Rakesh Tikait said that our demand was to withdraw the law, there was no demand for putting a stay on these. We will win only when the laws are back and laws are made on the MSP. Until the laws return, there will be no homecoming.

News24 on the Singhu border heard the opinion of the Supreme Court on farmers, in which most farmers are not happy with the decision. The farmers say that if they cancel, it is good or else it does not make any sense, the movement will continue. At the same time, after the Supreme Court’s decision on agricultural laws, farmers on Ghazipur said that they are not satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court, the movement will continue. The government is trying to confuse us.

Farmer leader Raju Shetty said that this has been done to prevent major protests by farmers on January 26 in Delhi. The committee formed by the Supreme Court includes those who are supporters of the Farmers Bill. There is not a single person in this committee, who has opposed this bill and has participated in this movement for a few days. This order has been given to send the farmers back home. In the meantime, the government will decide how to draft a second bill that benefits Adani and Ambani and imposes it on the public and the farmers.

Jasvir Singh Piddi, Deputy Chairman of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee said that we have not accepted the decision of the court. It would have been good to have the law repealed. Now is not the time to form a committee. The movement will continue and intensify. The final decision will be made at a meeting of farmer organizations.

However, during the hearing, the Supreme Court said, “Farmers should have no problem going before the committee. The committee is not going to punish anyone. The purpose of forming a committee is to know what is going on.”

The Attorney General welcomed the formation of a committee of the Supreme Court. The four experts appointed by the Supreme Court are Ashok Gulati, Dr. Pramod Joshi, Jitendra Singh Mann, Anil Dhanwant. The farmers said the decision of the ban on the court’s bill was right, but they would churn about the committee.

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