Farah Khan gets trolled for sniffing mangoes roadside, video goes viral

New Delhi: Farah Khan was spotted on Tuesday buying mangoes from street vendors, But the public trolled her for removing her mask to sniff mangoes. Filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan was seen buying mangoes from a roadside stall on Tuesday. Pictures and videos of Farah, meticulously picking out the best pieces, went increasingly viral online.

In the viral video, Farah was wearing a grey T-shirt, asking the vendor to give her only the best mangoes. She momentarily pulled her mask down to sniff the fruit. Some people trolled her in the comment section, One person wrote a comment on a post by Paparazzi, “Smelling mangoes doesn’t make any sense, what’s the pt? stallers shouldn’t allow ppl to smell his mangoes, as it is spreading disease and very unhygienic.” 

Another person commented “Do not smell mangoes.” and one more was “Mask utaar ke aam kaun soonghta hai COVID time mei wo bhi Maharashtra mein (Why would anyone remove their mask and smell mangoes, that too during Covid times in Maharashtra) !! oh bhai maro mujhe (Lord help me)! Common sense bech k aam khareed liye kya (Has she traded common sense for mangoes)?”

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