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Exclusive: CBSE exam controller makes BIG disclosure to News24

Pushpendra Sharma, New Delhi: There is confusion about the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) datesheet. 

During this time, fake date sheets are also going viral. However, CBSE has urged students not to believe any such datasheet and advised to look at the board’s website for the official datesheet.

CBSE exam controller Sanyam Bhardwaj spoke exclusively to News 24. 

Know what Sanyam Bhardwaj said:

Question: When will the official datesheet of CBSE exams be released?

Answer: It is a bit difficult to say because to prepare a datasheet many aspects have to be considered. CBSE experts are trying to solve this. We are trying to extract the datasheet soon.

Question: Why is the issue not being resolved?

Answer: Actually, to create a CBSE date sheet, a combination of subjects has to be created. Since students in CBSE have the option of taking any subject along with any subject, it is important to see that no student has two papers in a day. The CBSE has about 35 thousand combinations. Preparing a datasheet is a very challenging and lengthy process. We will create groups in which students do not clash their subjects. It should not happen with schools that thousands of children gather on the same day.

Question: Will the maths students be able to appear for the JEE  examin between May 24 to 28?

Answer: It cannot be said, but we are trying to ensure that every student are comfortable with this. With main subjects, we take great care that there is no major exam clash.

Question: Are the circumstances of the state being looked into in preparing the datasheet?

Answer: We look at the circumstances according to the Government of India holidays or prepare a datasheet keeping in mind the National Level Examination. If a big exam is clashing, then we will put examinations in it to give comfort to the students.

Question: Will the datasheet be released this week?

Answer: The CBSE is endeavoring to make such a date sheet so that the children are comfortable. Will be released as soon as the datasheet is ready. This can happen at any time.

Question: Is it not possible that the datasheet should be issued according to previous years?

Answer: Actually, the group changes every year at CBSE. The group gets the change from the flexibility of selection of the subject to the student. Therefore it is not possible to have the same datasheet every year.

Question: Message from CBSE to students?

Answer: Children should start preparing for the exams. The date sheet will be released soon, which will keep the children stress free. They will be able to prepare well for the examinations.

Question: Many types of date sheets have come up on social media, what would you say?

Answer: Students should only rely on the official dates heet issued on the CBSE website.

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