‘Entire Uttar Pradesh is my family’: PM Modi responds to Akhilesh’s ‘parivaar wala’ comment

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PM Narendra Modi addresses an election rally in UP’s Barabanki 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked Samajwadi Party national president Akhilesh Yadav over ‘parivaar wala’ comment. Addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki, PM Modi said that the entire Uttar Pradesh is his family and charged that the ‘dynasts’ care only about their family.

Taking a swipe at rivals for claiming that they can understand people’s pain more than those who have no family, he said, “We are not ‘parivaar wala’ but we identify the pain of all families because entire India is our family, entire Uttar Pradesh is my family. All of you are members of my family.”

“I would like to ask dynasts who say that they have a family and know the pain of families, why did they not care about Muslim daughters? They had to return to their father’s home with their young children. Why did they not feel the pain of families?” he asked.

The Prime Minister said that previous governments ignored the problems being faced by women and daughters.

“If they had even a little empathy, would they have given freedom to goons who used to molest our school-going daughters? Today goons know that if they cross boundaries, strict action will be taken,” he said.

He said that dynasts want the poor to be always at their feet. “We care for the poor and we are working to address problems of their lives. That is why, today the poor of UP is standing with BJP and is blessing BJP in all phases.”

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The Prime Minister also highlighted the large scale recruitment of women in Uttar Pradesh Police as well as in the army. He said that the BJP has not only increased the participation of daughters in the police but “we are expanding the participation of daughters in paramilitary forces like CRPF, BSF and also in the army”.

“Today, daughters are giving security to the country and society,” Modi said.

He also talked about launching vaccination drives for animals and also caring for the marginal farmers by giving money directly in their bank account.

Barabanki will go to the polls in the fifth phase on February 27. 

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