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‘Embarrassing Day For Country’, Congress slams BJP on Assam advisory against travel to Mizoram

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Locals during a clash with police personnel at Assam-Mizoram border at Lailapur in Cachar district on July 26. 

The Congress party has lashed out at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the ongoing Assam-Mizoram border crisis. Party spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala has termed the Assam government’s travel advisory as an “embarrassing day for the country”.

Surjewala tweeted that it was an embarrassing day for the country as one state had to issue an advisory to its people against travelling to another state amid border tensions between Assam and Mizoram.

Citing the advisory issued by the Assam government to its people to avoid travelling to Mizoram, he said that all this is possible in the country when Narendra Modi is there.

“Most embarrassing day in the history of the country. When countrymen are unable to move from one state to another, do the Chief Minister and Home Minister have the right to stay in their posts,” he tweeted in Hindi.

Earlier on Thursday, the BJP government in Assam issued a travel advisory asking people not to travel to Mizoram. It also asked people from the state working or staying in Mizoram to ‘exercise utmost caution.

Assam and Mizoram are locked into a political standoff after the violence at the interstate border claimed the lives of six people including five cops. The Union Home Ministry had to rush additional troops to the troubled area and called an urgent meeting to defuse tensions.

Meanwhile, Assam has said that it will deploy extra 4,000 commandos to guard the 164.6km border and move the Supreme Court to stop Mizoram from “building roads on its side’. Mizoram too has said that it will bolster the movement of security forces along with the border areas.

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