Electric 2W segment to be explored by Okaya

New Delhi. Inverter and battery manufacturer Okaya Group has forayed into Electric two-wheeler segment.

Accordingly, Okaya EV, the electrical vehicle division of Okaya Power Group has unveiled a variety of ‘Electric 2 Wheelers’.

Besides, it’s launched experience centres in Delhi and Jaipur.

The company’s ‘Electric 2Wheelers’ are available in four variants, both in ‘VRLA Lead Acid Battery’ and ‘Lithium Iron Phosphate’ (LFP) battery.

“Combined with two state-of-the-art research and development centers exclusively for ‘Electric Vehicles’ in India and one overseas, OKAYA EV is uniquely placed to bring out ‘Electric 2 Wheelers’ and bikes of future,” said Anil Gupta, director , Okaya Power Group.

“Further, to make sure seamless supply of those ‘Electric 2Wheelers’, we aim to open showrooms also as distribution and repair centres all across the country.”

The company has already found out a producing plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh with its plans of starting another plant in Haryana for the seamless supply of those state-of-the-art ‘Electric 2 Wheelers’.

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