Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Cologne: Know The Difference

<p><strong>New Delhi:&nbsp;</strong>We almost never forget to put on our favourite scent before leaving the house. Yes, we all have different favourite odours and we use them to feel fresh. We encounter a broad variety of perfumes while wandering through the aisles of department stores and beauty salons, and we frequently struggle to make a decision. Additionally, words like Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, and Eau De Cologne can confuse us. In order to determine which fragrance is best for you the next time you’re buying one, let’s explore our fragrance options in more detail.</p>
<p><strong>Eau De Cologne:</strong></p>
<p>Eau de colognes are extremely fresh mixtures. They typically contain two to four per cent perfume oils in alcohol and water and are primarily made of citrus fruits and aromatic botanicals like rosemary, thyme, lavender, fennel, clove, juniper berries, aniseed, etc. It is considerably less expensive, and the smell lasts for two to four hours.</p>
<p><strong>Eau De Parfum:&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p>Richer formulations are seen in Eau de parfums as they have a greater concentration of raw elements. Of course, there are still flowers and citrus fruits, but they are in stronger, deeper forms. Additionally more noticeable are the base notes, which really saturate the skin and last all day. It has a 15&ndash;20% pure perfume essence content and a 5&ndash;8 hour wear time.</p>
<p><strong>Eau De Toilette:</strong></p>
<p>Eau de toilettes tend to be lighter and airier than Eau de parfums and have compositions that are pretty light and fresh. This results from both a lower concentration and the selection of the elements themselves.</p>
<p>Fresh citrus scents, delicate flowers, and crisp fruits are typically the most frequently employed ingredients in these.</p>
<p>When your distinctive scent is too strong for bright days in spring or summer, they are typically recommended as good replacements. The Eau de toilettes have a tone that is energizingly springlike or summerlike. It contains between 5% and 15% pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol typically lasting for three hours.</p>

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