Dynasts kept Purvanchal mired in caste issues: PM Modi

Dynasts kept Purvanchal mired in caste issues: PM Modi
Prime minister Narendra Modi on Monday said with a host of challenges affecting the world, it is important for India to be powerful, appealing to people in Uttar Pradesh to keep the need to make India strong in mind while voting, as the ‘ghor parivaarvadis’ or dynast politicians cannot ever achieve this aim.

Speaking at mega rallies in Maharajganj and Ballia, in Purvanchal or eastern UP, that vote on March 3, Modi also said the dynast governments kept Purvanchal mired in caste issues to stop the development of the state, and asked people to be ‘wary’ of them.

In Maharajganj, which shares its border with Nepal, Modi said for people in these border areas to feel safe, it is important for the country to be “capable”.

“World is facing a lot of challenges and nobody can remain unaffected . Be it rich, poor, farmer, labourer , trader or employee… At such a time, it is essential for India to be powerful. From farming to military, from sea to space, in every area India has to become powerful. And as the biggest state, it is the responsibility of UP to make this possible. This time, your vote is not just for the development of your village or district development, but also for making India powerful. This time, your vote is for a capable country and able Uttar pradesh. The ‘ghor parivaarvadis’ can never make India capable or UP strong,” he said.

He also said a network of roads are being laid down on Nepal border, and main roads are being converted into four lanes and highways. He also mentioned the ‘Vibrant Village” scheme for border villages introduced in the annual budget.

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Besides slamming the opposition for encouraging caste divide, Modi also sought to highlight the “class divide” between the people of the Purvanchal region which contains the most backward districts of the state.

“When parivaarvadis fall ill, they have the finest facilities for treatment but when the poor fall sick, they have to take loans to pay for it. This is why, our government has started the Ayushman yojana. Now, even if you have to go to the biggest hospital for treatment, I will bear its burden up to ‘5 lakh. Even if you have to go to a hospital in Ahmedabad, Mumbai or Chennai, kharcha Modi uthayega,” he said. Without naming anyone, but in what was meant to describe SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, Modi also said the parivaarvadis ensure good education for their children and send them abroad, but only the BJP government is ensuring the poor and middle class get quality education.

In Ballia, Modi said parivaarvadis had destroyed law and order and businessmen of the district would remember how their money and possessions would be snatched away by goons, but the Yogi government is bringing law and order back on track and women are feeling safer to step out.

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