“Draconian”: Tejashwi Yadav Slams New Bill That Empowers Armed Police

Tejashwi Yadav slammed the Nitish Kumar government over the new bill.


Unprecedented scenes played out in the Bihar assembly on Tuesday as opposition MLAs in Bihar were dragged on the floor, manhandled by security personnel during a protest against a bill that was termed as a “draconian act which will give absolute powers to police” by the state’s main opposition leader, Tejashwi Yadav.

“Draconian Act which will give absolute powers to police, so that it can act as veritable arm of Nitish’s dictatorial politics, has been passed in police protection by throwing out battered MLAs using police itself,” tweeted Mr Yadav, along with a video of chaos from inside the assembly. The video showed opposition MLAs standing in the state assembly and shouting in protest against the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill, 2021. The speaker was seen urging the MLAs to calm down.

Mr Yadav, 31, who has been sharing videos and photos of injured MLAs and those being dragged by security personnel, slammed the Nitish Kumar-led government, claiming that new law means that searches will be conducted without a warrant and “any policemen can arrest if he believes something is wrong”.

Women MLAs too were carried out of the assembly building by women security personnel.

One of his party MLAs was carried on a stretcher from the assembly after he was allegedly manhandled by ”police and local goons” during the protest. “My revolutionary fellow MLA, Satish Das, who belongs to a poor family, became a victim of hooliganism of Nitish Kumar. He suffered a head injury. The picture is proof,” the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader tweeted in Hindi.

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