‘Don’t feel it’s proper’ – Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand calls for scrapping of Premier League amid coronavirus scare

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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand on Tuesday mentioned that the present season of Premier League, during which Liverpool are virtually on the verge of profitable their first prime-stage home title in 20 years, must be scrapped within the wake of coronavirus pandemic. The skilled soccer in England has been suspended in the mean time, together with a number of sporting occasions internationally, together with the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, which have been pushed to 2021 summer time.

Speaking in an interview to ESPN, Ferdinand agreed that the followers may suppose that he’s asking for the cancellation of Premier League as a result of of the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool.

“I just think the Premier League should be void. Void it. I know there’s going to be a lot of Liverpool fans going: ‘oh, Rio, just because you used to play for Man United.’ I just don’t see a way that can be done where health isn’t compromised. Simple as that. All this behind closed doors business — you’re still going to have players there, are the players not part of society?,” he mentioned.

“There are players who are going to go down with the illness who might not have recovered, or catch it from someone then it spreads to other players. It won’t be fair, it’s not a level playing field. I just don’t feel it’s right,” he additional added.

British well being minister Matt Hancock mentioned on Tuesday the federal government had purchased 3.5 million antibody coronavirus exams in order that individuals who suspect they’ve had the virus would have the ability to test for certain. “We’ve now bought 3.5 million antibody tests that will allow people to see whether they have had the virus and are immune to it and then can get back to work,” Hancock mentioned at a information convention.

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“We expect people not to be able to catch it, except in very exceptional circumstances, for a second time.”

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