Does Homoeopathy Act Slow? Worsens Symptoms? 8 Homoeopathy Myths And Facts Explained

Does Homoeopathy Act Slow? Worsens Symptoms? 8 Homoeopathy Myths And Facts Explained

By Dr. Kushal Banerjee

Homoeopathy is the world’s second most popular system of medicine. Its popularity is increasing, and it has repeatedly demonstrated its efficacy in addressing new clinical entities. Homoeopathy also has the unique advantage of inducing no side-effects in patients. Equally important is the fact that homoeopathy may be safely used with conventional medicines in patients with multiple illnesses with no chance of an adverse reaction with other medicines. It is a complete system of medicine and, like any other system, has its scope and limitations. 

There is a steadily growing body of evidence enumerating the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in managing and preventing a wide range of illnesses from the prophylaxis of dengue fever to palliation in advanced cases of cancer. Homoeopathy is also very beneficial for patients with auto-immune disorders and a variety of life-style diseases. 

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Common Myths About Homoeopathy

1. Homoeopathy induces a worsening of symptoms

This is a common misconception about homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathic medicines do not induce a worsening of any symptoms. This misconception has gained popularity because patients may note some increase of the intensity or recurrence of their symptoms when their conventional medicines are reduced or stopped. 

2. When using homoeopathy, you must stop all other medicines

Homoeopathy can safely be used with other medicines without any fear of an adverse reaction or of hampering the action of other medicines. Homoeopaths may prefer that only essential conventional medicines that are being taken for a long time by the patient be continued. This is done to improve the efficacy of the homoeopathic medicines and also to allow for more accurate assessment of outcomes in the patient. In patients of long-standing hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy and several other diseases, it is not advisable to abruptly stop all conventional medicines. 

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3. Homoeopathic medicines are slow to act

Homoeopathic medicines are able to act within a very short span of time, sometimes shorter than conventional medicines. Patients report improvement in pain and other acute symptoms within a couple of minutes of ingestion. Patients turn to homeopathy to help address several incurable conditions. Although not every illness is curable, the long term, lasting relief that homeopathy is able to provide may be achieved in these difficult illnesses after prolonged treatment. This does not mean that all kinds of homeopathic treatment are slow.

4. There is no evidence that homoeopathy works

This is untrue. Thousands of trials, observational studies, systematic reviews and various other kinds of research papers have demonstrated the action of homoeopathic medicine. It is true that there is a lot more work that needs to be done. Emerging concepts from the cutting edge of research in chemistry and physics like the ‘memory of water’ are adding credence to the concepts of homeopathic medicines. 

5. If there is no cure in conventional medicines, there cannot be a cure in homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is often the last resort for a lot of patients who have given up all hope after seeing limited relief using conventional medicines. Many of these patients are able to see either a clear additional benefit or a cure after starting homeopathy. This is obviously not true of all illnesses.

6. A lot of restrictions must be observed while consuming homoeo medicines

The practice of homoeopathy has kept pace with the times. Todays homeopaths do not advise a lot of restrictions. However, since homeopathy has understood the concept of holistic care two-hundred years ago, the homoeopath does provide important non-medicinal advice which can help in managing the illness better and is extremely important for return to health. 

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7. Homoeopathy or homoeopaths against vaccines

This cannot be further from the truth. Homoeopathy is based on the concept of likes can cure likes. This is the very basis of the concept of vaccination too. Vaccination has an important role to play in the arena of public health. The use of necessary and effective vaccines does not run contrary to homoeopathic teachings.

8. Taking homoeopathic medicines for too long can result in toxicity

Homoeopathic medicines have no side effects whether taken in the short term or for a prolonged period of time. Homoeopathic medicines may be derived from some heavy metals or plants which are toxic in their crude form. However, when homoeopathic medicines are made, their ultra-diluted forms are used where no trace of the crude elements is found. 

The author is  MD (Homoeopathy), MSc (Oxon)

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