Diwali 2021: Know Measures To Get More Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi

Diwali 2021: Know Measures To Get More Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi

New Delhi: Diwali, one of the major Hindu festivals, is being celebrated today. The air remains filled with enthusiasm. On this festival of lights, prayers or Puja is performed with certain rituals to please the Goddess Lakshmi. Apart from puja, people also adopt some measures on this auspicious day to receive the grace of Goddess Lakshmi for a prosperous life. 

According to Vedic beliefs, there are many measures related to roti (Indian flatbread) that are quite popular. If these measures are undertaken on Diwali all sufferings are said to be relieved.

In Hinduism, feeding roti to a cow is considered auspicious. If a person’s horoscope contains ‘Grah Dosh’ (planetary defects in horoscope) these measures related to roti are to be taken. If these are practiced on the day of Diwali, besides overcoming Grah Dosh there can be monetary benefits as well. 

Feed roti to black ants: It is said that one must feed roti to black ants on Diwali to earn respect in life. Feeding roti to ants on Diwali pleases Goddess Lakshmi and blesses devotees with her grace.

Feeding roti to cows, dogs to overcome financial difficulties: Divide the first roti that is prepared on the day of Diwali into four equal parts. Then give one part out of it to a cow, the other part to a black dog, the third part to a crow and the fourth part to be kept at an intersection near your home. This measure observed on Diwali will help you overcome all your financial woes. 

Adopting these measures will open your destiny: In spite of putting in the effort, if you are not successful, then you must feed roti to the ants on this day. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with once. Moreover, feeding roti along with three types of raw pulses to a cow can change your fortunes for good.

These measures will remove obstacles

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To overcome problems and troubles in life, mix roti and sugar together and put small portions of it near an ants’ nest. Undertaking this measure will gradually remove the obstacles in your life. It will also be beneficial if one feeds roti to a cow after taking a bath in the morning.

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