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Demi Lovato reveals why they chose to cut off their hair

Los Angeles: American pop singer Demi Lovato recently confirmed that they are non-binary. Recently, the singer has opened about insecurities and fears that come after putting oneself out there  They have also revealed that they cut their hair to disassociate themself with gender norms.

“I was trying something that didn’t work for me. Now I am doing something that is working for me and, instead of feeling judged by everyone, I’m just going to say that people’s opinion of me doesn’t matter to me,” said Lovato, on “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

“I’m doing what I need to do for myself and my wellness. I’m putting myself in front of my career and that is something I never did before because I was so preoccupied trying to be the sexy feminine popstar that I just ignored who I was,” the singer added.

Lovato has a feeling of liberation after the haircut. “I cut my hair to be free of all the gender and sexuality norms that were placed on me as a Christian in the south and when I cut my hair, I felt so liberated. I wasn’t subscribing to an ideal or belief that was placed on me to be something that I am not and now that I am owning who I am, I feel the happiest I have ever felt,” Lovato said.

The singer then said that they have shared all the secrets out to the world and there aren’t any secrets anymore. 

 “This is the reason I am being honest. Secrets keep you sick and I fully believe it and now there aren’t any secrets for the world to find out because I have put it out there,” Lovato concluded on the show that airs on Zee Cafe in India.

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Just over a week after coming out as non-binary, the singer was recently spotted at the iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing an all purple paint suit look. The blazer that had a plunging neckline was perfectly accesoried with a lariat necklace. However, what had everyone’s attention was their perfect mullet. 

Meanwhile, Lovato will be paying tribute to Elton John at tonight’s show. She will be joined by Brandi Carlisle and H.E.R. According to Billboard, “the three singers chosen to perform during the tribute each reflect an aspect of John’s varied musical personality.”


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