Delhi school’s new session reopens from today, 78% students rejoice

New Delhi: The Delhi government has started the new session 2021-22 from today from class 1 to class 8. The new session 2021-22 of schools from class 9 to class 12 in the state also started from today. As the corona cases are increasing across the country, officials have decided to conduct online classes for students. A few states have again closed schools briefly in view of the surge in cases of the virus.

With the announcement of the opening of schools in Delhi, the government said that schools will remain closed during this period and classes will be conducted online. Currently, offline classes will be conducted in the capital for students from class 9th to 12th only. Apart from this, there will be no change in the plan for the examination of students of classes 9 to 12.

“The survey has found that an overwhelming 78 per cent of students are happy about the prospect of reopening of schools, but 22 per cent are anxious and scared of meeting their school friends and interacting with them,” it said.

“As many as 52 per cent of students were found to be concerned about consuming mid-day meals when schools reopen. At least 41 per cent were not found fully comfortable following COVID protocols in school,” the survey report added.

The Directorate of Education (DOE) had issued the notification saying that the new session would have to follow the same online, offline worksheet pattern as it was going on till now. The Delhi government had also recently announced that all the students up to class 8 will be promoted to the next class without examination.

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According to the official notification issued by the Directorate of Education states that most of the worksheets and notes for the new academic session will be sent to students through Whats App. Students will use smartphones for their online classes. Apart from this, the school management will have to come to the school on a particular date and submit its worksheet.

Delhi School Reopening Guidelines:

1. It will be mandatory to sanitize the school.

2. Providing hand sanitizer for the students.

3. Digital thermometer, sanitizer, soap system.

4. Sanitisation required before running school buses.

5. Students will be required to wear masks.

6. It will be compulsory to follow social distancing everywhere in school.

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