Delhi business hires killers to get ‘gay’ salesman murdered for threatening to make their relationship video viral

Delhi business hires killers to get ‘gay’ salesman murdered for threatening to make their relationship video viral

New Delhi: A Delhi cloth businessman has been arrested for allegedly killing his 22-year-old employee and dumping his body in a bag at a metro station. The deceased salesman and the accused businessman were in relationship and the former had secretly recorded a number of videos of the act to blackmail and extort money.

The body of the salesman was found near Sarojini Nagar Metro station in South Delhi. Two more people, including the businessman’s nephew and a friend, have been arrested for helping in the murder. 

The accused 36-year-old businessman and is married. He has two children. Police said the salesman had threatened the businessman with making the video viral if he was not paid. 

“A strained homosexual relationship led to the murder. The deceased was extorting with the threat of making their videos go viral. We solved the case within two days,” said DCP (Southwest) Gaurav Sharma.

Scared of his video going viral, the businessman thought of hiring people to murder his employee. He then called his nephew who lives in a village in Uttar Pradesh and one of his friends. They reached Delhi on January 28 and stayed in two rooms at a guesthouse in south Delhi’s Yusuf Sarai, merely 3 km from Sarojini Nagar.

They then called the employee to the guesthouse for some work. When he reached at their room where they were lodged, they overpowered him and tied him up with a cloth-drying nylon rope and killed him, police informed.

Police said when they screened the CCTV camera footages of the guesthouse they found the men carrying the large trolley bag. After killing the employee, they loaded the body in the trolley bag and took it in a taxi to Sarojini Nagar metro station and dumped it there. 

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“To make the body fit in the bag, they removed his shoes and jacket. The bag was loaded in the taxi they had hired from Khurja and they went towards Sarojini Nagar market. They dumped the body in a secluded place near the Metro station and covered it with a plastic sheet,” DCP Sharma said.

After the brutal murder, the businessman took his employee’s shoes, jacket, cap and wallet and dumped them near a different metro station in west Delhi’s Uttam Nagar. His nephew took the employee’s mobile phone back to their village in UP.

first published:Feb. 2, 2022, 5:54 p.m.

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