Defiant Shanghai residents break out of their own homes

Image Source : AP

Residents line up for mass coronavirus tests

Residents of Shanghai, who were fenced into their homes by Communist officials as part of China’s draconian Zero Covid policy, have staged a breakout, video posted on social media showed, Daily Mail reported.

The clip shows the metal fences built along a residential street to trap homeowners indoors have been brought down.

Shared via state-approved messaging service, the video from financial district Pudong was reportedly captioned: “Actions speak louder than words”.

Covid cases are still rising in China as the ruling Communist bureaucracy attempts to stick to its zero covid policy designed to eliminate the virus — despite experts’ warnings that the Omicron variant makes it impossible to contain cases with lockdowns, Daily Mail reported.

Shanghai recorded about 15,000 cases on Thursday, accounting for the vast majority nationwide, despite weeks of the world’s strictest lockdown measures.

And millions more Chinese citizens are set to be subjected to draconian Covid restrictions as the sprawling capital Beijing prepares to go into lockdown.

President Xi Jinping reaffirmed his commitment to a zero Covid policy on Friday, putting China at odds with much of the world. While many countries are dropping restrictions and trying to live with the virus, China is keeping its international borders largely shut and closing off entire cities to all but essential travel.

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