Defence Minister Rajnath Singh praises BRO, inaugurates 2 new centers

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited Border Roads Organization (BRO) headquarters in New Delhi on Friday. During his visit, he inaugurated the ‘Centre of Excellence for Roads, Bridges, Airfield and Tunnels’ and ‘Centre of Excellence for Road Safety and Awareness’.

During the program, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that since its inception, the BRO has been playing a vital role in the progress of the nation by building roads, tunnels and other infrastructure in remote areas.

Rajnath Singh asaid that the most important component for the security and development of a nation is connectivity. 

For connectivity, our BRO personnel have been working tirelessly and tirelessly even in the midst of difficulties like severe winter, heat, rain and snowfall. over the last five to seven years, the BRO has made even more remarkable achievements,” he said. 

“The bigger the organization, the more complex its management. In such a situation, the four softwares being launched today will bring efficiency in the work of the organization and will also save their time. Their creation also marks the success of ‘Self-reliant India’ and ‘Digital India’ campaigns,” he added.

Rajnath Singh further said that it is also a matter of great pride to start two ‘Centers of Excellence’ each based on the study of ‘Road Safety’, and ‘Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Air-fields’. Both these centers complement each other in their objectives. 

Expressing concern over road accidents, he said that accidents on the roads are a cause of great concern for us today. 

“Everyone seems to believe that the accident is made for others; There must be some accident with me! And so he doesn’t take as much care as he should,” he said.

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Rajnath Said said that it is a matter of great surprise that our country has less than 3% of the world’s total number of vehicles, but the accidents are close to 11%. 

“Around 4.5 lakh accidents, and 1.5 lakh unfortunate deaths every year. Is this less than a silent pandemic? To get rid of all this, The government has taken several steps such as approving the ‘National Road Safety Policy’, bringing in the ‘Motor Vehicle Act 2020’, identifying black spots on the National Highway, etc. I believe this center will also play an important role,” he said.

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