Decoding the relationship between homes and mental wellbeing

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Decoding the relationship between homes and mental wellbeing

The eighth annual IKEA Life at Home India Report demonstrates how a happier, well-managed, and efficient home can create the spaces and environment for everyone to feel happier, as well as activities that are required in our daily lives to create balance at home.

The brand released their annual Life at Home report, which shared insights on creating balance at home and how a balanced home aids mental well-being. The report also revealed insights into people’s relationships with their current homes as well as their expectations for their future homes.

In recent years, the home has become the most important place for all of us. In order to be relevant and meaningful to a large number of people, IKEA is interested in how people spend their time at home. IKEA communicates with people all over the world to learn about their desires and aspirations, as well as what they require for a more simple, relaxed, and convenient existence, in order to provide relevant products and solutions.

The Life at Home report, which began in 2014, is one such initiative that gathers knowledge about people’s relationships with their homes, allowing IKEA to provide a better life at home experience for many people. The 2020 report emphasised the importance of the home as a functional and emotional space, while the 2021 report focused on achieving balance with the home as the focal point.

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