Damning! Maternal uncle catches nephew having illicit affair with wife, takes THIS dreaded step

New Delhi: Rajasthan police have revealed that a young man was murdered two days ago in Rajasthan’s Jaipur district. A young man was murdered as a result of an illicit relationship. His maternal uncle and maternal aunt have both been arrested by the police.

During the interrogation, shocking revelations have emerged. The young man had an extramarital affair with his maternal aunt. His maternal uncle had found out about it after witnessing both of them having a physical relationship. He then murdered his nephew.

The body of Ajay Kumar (22) was discovered two days ago in an empty plot in the city’s Bhankrota police station area, according to police. When the police began their investigation, they discovered that the deceased was a Haryana resident who lived with his maternal uncle Gulab Singh and aunt Pushpa in Mahapura, Bhankrota.

When the police began their investigation, the uncle’s role appeared suspicious. Following this, the police arrested him and began questioning him, bringing the entire situation to light.

Accused uncle Gulab Singh stated that he kept nephew Ajay in the house to care for his wife, but the two began an illicit relationship. He caught his wife Pushpa and Ajay having a physical relationship a few days ago. He didn’t say anything to either of them during this time, but his rage was building inside him.

Gulab told the cops that Ajay was sleeping in the house two days ago. He woke him up, beat him, and strangled him to death with a rope. The body was then loaded onto a scooty and dumped in an empty plot near Mahapura Ring Road.

Pushpa also stood by Gulab throughout the incident. Both the accused husband and wife of the murder have been apprehended by police.

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