Daman Takshakon Ka’ by Saayan Kunal talks about the life of IPS officer Kishore Kunal

There are many talented writers around us who write about different things, some write stories from their imagination, some write stories inspired by their life experiences while some writers write stories inspired by others’ life experiences. Understanding someone else’s life and writing about them can be a difficult task. But then if someone does the accurate research and has the right knowledge about writing a biography then they write the most amazing biography ever. One such talented author is Saayan Kunal who recently launched his book ‘Daman Takshakon Ka’, a biographical work based on the life of IPS Kishore Kunal.

Saayan Kunal’s Daman Takshakon Ka is a biographical work that has the important life events of his father Kishore Kunal’s life as a police officer, the book contains the struggles and challenges Mr. Kishore faces all throughout his career. According to the Hindi mythology ‘Takshak’ was a poisonous snake that had killed Raja Parikshit and in the book title, ‘Takshak’ is compared to the evil that exists in our society. Saayan talked about three types of evil that Kishore Kunal faced, the first is the criminals, the second is the corrupt politicians and the third is the unfaithful officers.

The book is based on the conversation that the author had with his father, Saayan always believed that his father’s experience as an honest officer is not just mere words but are experiences that are worth sharing. The book is full of suspense, thrill, and drama and will leave the readers wanting more. In the book, Saayan focuses on the mysterious Bobby Murder Case as well that was investigated by Mr.Kishore. The unfiltered father-son conversation will surely create an everlasting impact on a reader’s mind and the book definitely leaves people wondering and pondering.

Talking about the idea and motivation behind writing the book, the author shares, “My dad’s life stories always inspired me, the tales of his bravery inspired me to dig deeper into his experiences. I decided to write the book at the time of national lockdown as both of us had a lot of time in our hands. Dad and I used to spend hours talking and he used to tell me all his stories, he always had a delightful expression on his face and I could not resist but feel proud. Now with this book, I wish that others become honest, brave, and righteous. “

Saayan Kunal is not only an author but is also the director of Gyan Niketan School. He has numerous other interests as well like poetry, philosophy, culture, cinema, etc. The virtuoso also did various social works, like organizing charitable relief programs during Patna Water Logging 2019, providing necessary items during the Covid-19 crisis, and much more. Other than that he is the founder of PRYS (Patliputra Rashtriya Yuva Sansad) which was a mega-event that took place in Bihar, participants joined from all over the country and got once in a lifetime experience.

Saayan Kunal’s book ‘ Daman Takshakon Ka’ is a must-read if you are looking for a book that will keep you hooked. His other book ‘Kirti Kaumudi Kunal ki’ can also be a good pick for you.

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