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Daily Mail India Manthan 2021: Government will not sacrifice interests farmers, says Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar

Ajeyo Basu

LAST UPDATED: Dec. 29, 2020, 10:39 a.m.

New Delhi: Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said on Tuesday that the ongoing nationwide movement against the agricultural laws will strengthen farmers and the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fully committed to the interests of the agriculture sector.  

Speaking at a News 24 Manthan 2021, Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said that the PM Modi government has taken a lot of steps in 6 years for the improvement of the agriculture sector. He said that with the decision to give 50% on MSP, the purchase of crops has also been increased. Along with this, pulses and oilseeds are also being by th government purchased now.

The Agriculture Minister said that the average price will be fixed at the time of sowing. 

Main points of Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar’s interaction at News 24 Manthan 2021:

– To change the situation of 86% farmers, RS 6850 crores will be spent on FPO. This will bring a new change in the Agriculture sector.

– There has been a lack of private investment in farming. If the farmer does traditional farming, then small farmers do not make much profit.

– Private investment has increased, so a package of Rs 1 lakh crore has been announced and the government has approved a package of Rs 1,500 crore.

– The MSP used to depend on the central government earlier, but now it is given by talking to all the states on the cost and adding a profit of 50% on it.

– New agricultural reforms have angered farmers in one or two states, including Punjab, who have some reservations. We have talked to them for 6 rounds and we are trying to understand what is going wrong with them. If he points out that this is causing this loss, then we are ready to talk with an open mind.

– When the law is discussed, only its provisions will be looked at. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the law is another matter. When there is talk, there will be conversation with arguments.

– The MSP is the decision of the Government of India and there can be no doubt about it. Everything will not be decided according to the law.

– There is no need to worry about Bihar to other people, people of Bihar are capable in themselves. If the farmers’ movement was going on, why did the farmer vote in favor of NDA in Bihar. The farmer of Bihar knows that a good day is coming from these reforms.

– The market should be free and balanced, otherwise it is unfair to farmers.

– We only see big businessmen, while everyone does business together. Due to the market, the farmer does not have the strength today, but he should get freedom.

– In the coming times, farmers will have the price of all the mandis in the country at their fingertips and they can sell the crop as per their convenience.

– We will talk to the farmers and try to find a solution to the issue.

– I want to tell the farmers that they they are being misled by the narrow thinking of leftists. Whether the government builds a dam or brings electricity, the leftists always have a problem. No one can make the farmers of the the country hostage.

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