Daily Horoscope, May 21, 2021: Sagittarius Folks Need To Work Hard; Know About Other Sun Signs

Aries – The day is expected to be almost normal. It will not be right to postpone important tasks. You need to be agile in the workplace. Maintain an atmosphere of intimacy in the office. The opponents can spoil your work. If you are leading the team then strive for a continuous increase in merit. The people associated with media should be aware. Do not engage in unethical work for a new job or desired transfer. You can set up business in the cottage industry. The day will be meaningful for the students, they need to keep focus on their regular work. Waking up late at night is not good for health. Your importance in the house may decrease due to mistakes.

Taurus – The works, which have been pending for long, will fructify today. Stay confident and take decisions according to the situation. A dull behaviour can take you away from your loved ones. Your boss will praise you on the basis of official works. Looking at performance, promotion can be talked about. The wholesalers may default in money transactions, adopt transparency and communication with your partner before taking any decision as this will be beneficial. The youth should do big projects with planning, otherwise, the work done may be spoiled. You may have a sore throat due to cold and hot weather conditions. There is a possibility of cold and cough. Spend time with the elders of the house.

Gemini – You need to think very seriously before putting forth your viewpoints. Do not talk lightly during important meetings, otherwise, you may be embarrassed in front of others. It’s a good day for those working in software companies. Retail traders should follow the rules of the government, especially the laws. Your dealings with customers should be good and caring. It’s a day of profit for the hardware businessmen. The amount of fiber in the diet has to be kept high. There is a possibility of constipation. Keep an eye on the education of younger brother, if he has examinations then definitely cooperate in his studies.

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Cancer – Trusting in fairness and diligence in self-assessment will only work for you today. Do not expect from others, mental stress will increase even more if expectations are broken. The businessmen should be patient at this time. It can be a day of disappointment for the clothing merchants. Continue to strive for a steady increase in quality. There is a need to remain alert about data security. The youth will get success in examinations. Make the best use of time and avoid bad company. The circumstances are worsening due to health, drink more and more water to avoid dehydration. The circumstances in the family will be favourable to you as everyone will offer their support.

Leo – One has to maintain a sense of naturalness and tenderness on this day. Arrive on time at the office. If you are working from home then show a little maturity and seriousness in your work. It is important for businessmen to take care of customers’ choices. The youth must abide by their parents’ guidance. The students should note not to get entangled on any new topic at the last time, otherwise, the revision may get spoiled. Those suffering from serious diseases should take regular medication regarding health. Be polite at home, otherwise, someone may get angry. The household expenses seem to be increasing but do not be reluctant in making necessary purchases.

Virgo – Put forth your words with clarity today so that it can be understood by all. Offer food to birds and animals. The office work will have to be ironed out with complete diligence and strong planning. The transport merchants may have to worry as vehicle breakdown or government action may cause problems. The youth will have to get out of confusion about their career. High blood pressure patients should be aware about health. Avoid arguments or anger on minor issues in the family. The relations with relatives will be sweet, if any dispute is going on then make meaningful efforts to improve it.

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Libra – Old investments will mature today and give good financial benefits. If you are facing an economic crisis, you will get relief in some cases. The relations with the boss and high officials will be cordial. Speech in anger at the workplace can worsen situations. Challenges and risky jobs can cause trouble for businessmen. The youth may have to make some compromises according to the situation. It would be harmful to ignore the pandemic as there is a possibility of infection. Take special care of sanitation with cleanliness. If you are planning to purchase houses and land then the time is favourable for taking decisions.

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Scorpio – You should start the day today with Bhagavat bhajan. It will be beneficial to rectify the mistakes and try to fix them soon. Do not be reluctant while doing official tasks, otherwise, the boss or high officials may get angry with you. The retail merchants will benefit. If the youth are getting an opportunity then it will be harmful to lose the same due to laziness. The students should keep preparing for the mock tests. There may be a problem of back and waist pain. You may be worried due to someone’s poor health in the family. There is a need to remain alert about the health of your mother or an elderly woman.

Sagittarius – Hard work is the only formula for desired success. Do not hurt others with your words. Ensure not to ignore the high officials in office and father or elder brother at home. There is a good chance of success for people looking for a government job. The wholesale traders will have to avoid raising more stocks for future. It is mandatory for the youth to make good use of time. If there is frequent pain in the legs then get your calcium checked with the advice of a doctor. Start a tradition in the family to have food together as this will increase affection. You will get the support of all at home.

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Capricorn – You will have to put in a lot of mental effort in your works today. Your responsibilities can be increased by looking at the qualification. Be mentally prepared. A big expenditure can suddenly come out, so there is a need to increase the savings. You can get a favourite gift from your loved ones. The official things should not be shared with any outsider. It’s a day of good profit for big businessmen. Avoid having a heavy meal at night. Mangalik works can be completed at home. If any work is not fructifying since a long then it will be valuable to seek the advice of the elderly.

Aquarius – You will build new contacts today. Those whose money is held back due to any reason will receive good news in this regard. Those who are trying for a job can get auspicious information. Maintaining displeasure with female colleagues in the office is not right for the present time. The day can be full of profits for the people doing business of books. The sugar patients need to be alert as the sugar level may be high. Walk carefully in a slippery place as you may fall and sustain injuries. Take care of your mother’s health.

Pisces – An unknown fear of the mind can unnecessarily worsen your mental state today. It is possible that there may be a decline in your health condition due to this. To keep oneself full of positive energy, it will be beneficial to connect with spirituality. Avoid thinking too much about future things. Focus on official works and fulfil your increased responsibilities ensuring there is no scope for error. The medicine businessmen will earn benefits. The day will be auspicious for those selling retail goods. Do not eat stale food at all. You can worship at home for the family’s peace and happiness.

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