Daily Horoscope, March 29, 2021: Celebrate Holi By Knowing Which Color Of Gulal Will Change Your Fortune

Aries – Today you can receive accidental benefits, it’s a good day to return that old loan as it may give you profit. It is best to be around people you like as loneliness can bring negative thoughts At this time, if someone being mean to you, then you should be good to that person, praise them, by doing this, enemies who speak against you will also become friends. Youngsters should not ignore their parents. From the health point of view, there is a possibility of skin-related allergies, before playing Holi, apply oil or cream on the face and body. Relatives can come home. You have to use yellow, pink and red gulal.

Taurus – On this day, you should stay away from controversies, a simple conversation can deem controversial so stay calm. Yet, if someone is being friendly, you should not be suspicious and be friendly as well. Do difficult tasks as quickly as possible. Business meetings will likely be successful. According to planetary alignments, you are advised to follow the rules of the global pandemic with strictness, otherwise, you may also fall prey to it. On the occasion of Holi, sweeten your loved ones.

Gemini – Celebrate the day in its original form, by spending time with your friends and families. Dealing with more than your capacity can cause great stress. Today, it would be better if you do not leave work in the trust of others, do as much work as possible in financial matters yourself. Young people should be careful and not make rash decisions, so be patient today, be careful of secret enemies as they will cause harm. Be alert while driving. There is a need to be vigilant about the health of your elder sister. Use green, and light blue gulal.

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Cancer – Today, help yourself along with the support of your loved ones. Do not worry too much about money-related matters, as money will come, and try focusing on enjoying your present. You should not listen to anyone’s bad talk nor should you harbour any prejudice. One has to be alert to the problems related to blood, because there may be some infection. Single or unmarried people may feel the pressure of marriage today. Strengthen relations by applying red, yellow, and blue roses to your loved ones.

Leo– Today, keep filtering the thoughts that are rising in your mind with patience and discretion, on the other hand, try to spend time with friends who think positively. The time is to increase public relations and strengthen your network and keep contacts on the phone. Follow the traffic rules otherwise, the challan may be deducted. Keep in mind while descending stairs, slipping can cause injury. Those who stay away from the family should talk to the elders of the house by video calling them. If Thakur ji is in the house, then send him yellow color a.

Virgo– be aware of your expenses and don’t spend too much by being too emotional. Traveling long distances can cause problems for you, if not very important avoid it or postpone for a later day. Happiness or sorrow is the time to walk side by side with your friends. If a colleague is also in trouble, then help. There may be some problems related to foot pain and swelling. Family members can share what’s in their heart, in order to maintain happiness and cheerfulness in married life and eradicate that anger. Apply light green, dark blue gulal.

Libra– On this day, with the blessings of the ancestors, the work which has been stopped will speed up. Keep important documents close or safely store as there is a possibility of them being misplaced or lost. If you are going to get involved in the party etc. from the office, then try not to get intoxicated, otherwise the boss may get angry. If you consume excessive junk food, then be alerted, stomach irritation can be caused by dehydration. Walk in harmony with neighbours and relatives, invite them to come home on the occasion of Holi. If possible, give them a gift.

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Scorpio– On this day keep your mind cheerful, as well as do not take the stress of responsibilities but enjoy the responsibilities because God gives such opportunities to the fortunate ones. This time is going to be extroverted instead of being inward, if you are associated with the art world, then your personality has to be articulated. It is a day to be alert for heart patients, while pregnant women should be alert for health and food, and seek medical advice immediately in case of any problem. You can expect guests today, which will create an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Use pink and green gulal.

Sagittarius – On this day, celebrate the festival with joy, because the conditions of the planets can bring difficulties in work. Do not get angry, otherwise, there will be a big loss. Avoid any ego clash. Be careful of your debit and credit card, there is a possibility of theft. If the father has a BP problem, then do not do anything that bothers him. There will be sweetness in old bitter relationships with friends. You will have an important role in solving the family’s problems, make decisions with a lot of understanding. Purple, dark yellow and red-colored gulal should be applied.

Capricorn– If you are planning something for savings today, then it would be better to plan small investments. Be cautious when using ATM and net banking. People related to media should focus on work. There is a possibility of getting good results. Let the youth work in harmony with friends. Stay alert to infections and viruses in health, due to weak immunity, you may be vulnerable to it. Keep the elders of the house happy by following the rites. Spend time with family members. Use light blue, green, and red colored gulal.

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Aquarius– Today you will have to showcase your talent in front of others. Do not let debt mount over you, otherwise, it can cause stress. Even today, you will have to take some time to do official work so, plan a routine. Do not show carelessness towards health, there is a possibility of problems related to throat and lungs. Do not completely eliminate physical activity,take special care of hands. You can get hurt while working in the kitchen. Offer light blue color and some sweet to Lord Shiva today.

Pisces – Do not think much and be serious today as it will increase your stress, enjoy the festival of Holi with enthusiasm. Unnecessary talks should be avoided. Protect yourself from mosquitoes else you will get some disease. If you want to help someone financially, then do not go beyond your capacity and need. There is a possibility of theft in the house, if all the members are going somewhere, then make strict security arrangements. Give gifts to small children of the house, strengthen the relationships by applying yellow, red and pink colors . 

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