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Daily Horoscope, February 23, 2021: Virgo Folks Can Get Promotions; Know About Other Sun Signs

Aries- Start the day by worshipping lord Hanuman, all your troubles will get over. There is a possibility of success in social work. Ensure that no one is hurt because of you. Showing unnecessary anger is not good. You will remain worried as you won’t be able to concentrate on any work. Do not show haste in research work, otherwise the results will turn out to be bad. Businessmen have to be careful in new business. They should keep transparency in the book of accounts. Problems of patients suffering from bone diseases can increase. Treat your elders in the family with respect.

Taurus- Stay fully confident and take responsibility of all important works. There is a strong possibility of success and it will also pave the way for progress. Be nice to subordinates. Strengthen team spirit. People in stationery business are likely to make a profit. Students should not be negligent in their studies as overconfidence can lead to bad results. Avoid eating dinner if possible for better health. Oily and spicy foods can cause indigestion. You can plan to go outside with the family. You will feel happy if you visit someone close.

Gemini- Action plans will be completed and you will also get desired results. Implement the routine properly, if the mind is upset then indulge in meditation or go to a satsang. You may have to tak sudden official trips. People selling foreign goods are likely to make a good profit. Youngsters should not lose focus on their goal as it can spoil success. One has to be vigilant about the COVID-19 pandemic. Ill people should not be negligent when it comes to food and diet. Hormonal problems can trouble women. Take care of everyone to maintain peace in the family.

Cancer – Signs indicate that you will get good opportunities for progress. Keep your mind active. People working in jobs related to finance need to keep a vigil on the transactions. The boss is keeping a close tab on your work, so do not make any attempt to confuse him/her. Businessmen, who deal with electronic items, will be able to earn a good profit; they should maintain the quality of the stock as per customer’s preference. Students, who study online, should be alert about the data. Stomach problems may increase, stay cautious about your diet. Alert elders and women to take medicines on time and follow the daily routine. Do not let mutual trust get affected to keep the bond between relationships strong.

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Leo – If you are celebrating your birthday, then you can give food to the poor as it will increase your virtues. Greet the Guru and try to keep yourself full of positive energy. Emphasize on teamwork at the office. People engaged in boutique or cosmetic business will get good profit. Businessmen need to be vigilant. Avoid borrowing large amount. Youngsters can get job offers while students should strictly follow the timetable. Allergies can bother you, keep the necessary medicines in store. You will receive an invitation from an acquaintance, visit them with the whole family as it will make you happy.

Virgo- Today, focus on the target and take a step forward. The official work load is high, so do not become negligent in important work. Signs indicate that there are chances of a promotion, you can also get a transfer in a desired place. People associated with electronic media will get a chance to show their skills. Ensure that you do not make any mistake. If you are trying for a loan, you will get good news soon. Anger and stress can cause fatigue. Treat everyone in the family with affection and cooperate with them. The luxury items at the house will get increased. Be cautious about financial expenses.

Libra – You may have to lend money; you have to be cautious in accounting. Avoid getting angry at subordinates at the workplace as it will result in estrangement. If you make a big mistake, it will be prudent to apologize. Milk traders will have to take care of quality otherwise they may face losses. The youngsters will be able to solve difficult topics. Students should use their time wisely. Be aware of your posture and seating poses as you can have a vein stretch. There is a possibility of changes in the house. You can buy some stuff.

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Scorpio- Do not testify for anyone without inspecting, otherwise you may land into trouble in future. The official functioning will be a little slow, but do not leave any scope of mistake from your side. Merchants should plan to take loans to expand business. Signs indicate that expansion of business will increase the possibilities of financial benefits. Complete your studies as per the guidance of the teacher. Cervical patients may face troubles, they should follow the doctor’s advice. There is a possibility of getting good news from the family. This will make you happy. You will get an opportunity to visit the house of close relatives.

Sagittarius- You can get nostalgic, so remember only good memories, and keep the mind full of energy. You should focus on mental peace, as it will make you happy and also increase work capacity. If you own your company, then avoid getting angry subordinates. Hand over the important work to someone whom you trust. The youngsters may have to do run-of-the-mill jobs, which will cause some stress or fatigue. The immune system is weak, so practice yoga and eat nutritious food. Do not let differences of opinion with your loved ones turn into differences. If there is a dispute, resolve it with consensus.

Capricorn- Work with vigilance in your professional and personal life. Senior officials in the office are keeping an eye on your quality of work and efficiency, so try to complete the work on time with full quality without any negligence. Retail traders will make very good profits. Ensure that there is no decrease in quality of the product. Overconfidence can make the youngsters commit serious mistakes. People who recently underwent surgery should be cautious. You will get a chance to spend quality time with family. If you are getting a chance to participate in social work, then take part with full enthusiasm.

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Aquarius- Keep yourself mentally strong, you may have to face difficult situations. Do not reduce your efforts at workplace in any way. Your opponents can try to harm you in the office by acting like an advisor. Signs indicate that government related work will get completed, but you need to maintain necessary precaution. People engaged in online business will get good profits. You can skip dinner if not necessary. Morning health and stomach will be fine. You must spend time with family. There may be a dispute with the neighbor but you can get a solution by staying calm and composed.

Pisces- If someone asks you for help, do not disappoint him/her. The day will be normal when it comes to official work. If there is any obstacle in business matters, then you should seek guidance from an experienced person. This is the right time to study, try to read and write religious books for peace and calmness. Students should try to build concentration while studying. Lack of concentration can spoil the results. Exercise and yoga are necessary to maintain physical fitness. People, who are celebrating their birthday, should spend time with family.


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