Daily Horoscope, 9 November 2020: Planetary Positions Suggest Good Job Opportunities Coming In For Leo; Check What’s In store For You

Aries– Your day will be full of happiness and joy. Offer sweet to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings. Enjoy Bhajan Kirtan with family. There is a possibility of getting promotion today. As per your planetary position, if you have been thinking of changing jobs, then this is a good time. Today will be a day of profit for businessmen. It is important for the youth to follow the daily routine. Toothache may arise, needs attention on cleanliness. Keeping Corona in mind, leave home only if its important.

Taurus – From today onwards, changes are being made in the circumstances. Mental anxiety is also seen increasing. Do not hang important work for tomorrow. Keep in mind colleagues are key to your success at the workplace. Traders are expected to benefit financially. If you are working in partnership, then you can do planning to increase investment. The day will be normal for the youth. Children need to play games in which their brain will develop. Chronic diseases can emerge. You will get relief from ongoing disputes with spouse. Respect each other and be polite.

Gemini –  Take guidance from your Guru, this will lead your work on the path of progress. Be alert, festival and planetary positions will increase spending. Be ready for multitasking in office too. Traders have to plan for capital investment. Parents should be cautious about the health of children. Infections, especially in times of epidemics, can cause anxiety. Be careful while driving, there is a possibility of blood loss during the accident. Father may get angry on violation of rules at home.

Cancer – Work hard today with full dedication and honesty. Don’t worry, your hard work will not go in vain. A conspiracy can be hatched against you in the office, you have to be alert. Your good performance will affect people, through which you can see bad things happening in the future. The merchant class will have to be very active, only then they will be able to get the desired profit. The youth need to increase the number of friends, increase the interaction with the people associated with their field. You may feel chest tightness and difficulty in breathing. You will feel better after spending time with family today.

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Leo– Today, your mind will be full of happiness and self-strength. This is a suitable time for changing job but doo not leave the available opportunities for minor reasons. People associated with singing field will get a good chance to showcase their talent. There will be an opportunity to increase profits for those working in telecommunications. Today will be normal for youth and students. Back pain can increase discomfort, pay attention to the posture while you sit. Make a habit of always honoring women, your work will be made with their blessings. There will be a place of happiness and peace in the house, avoid a state of estrangement.

Virgo – On this day, you will be able to attract people through artistic voice, but be careful not to ignore other important works. Sales and marketing people have to be active. Foreign companies can give good profits to traders, but before investing, understand the details of loss and profit. There will also be good career opportunities for the youth. Women need to be vigilant about hormone disorder. If you are thinking of buying or selling land or a house, then you can finalize the deal. There can be a dispute with anyone in the family regarding any reason, calm the anger.

Libra – Today, there is a need to take special care about the rules and laws for functioning. If you want a government job then there is a need to speed up the effort. There is a feeling of concern about the business, there may be a break in the business, stay alert. Those who do business of boutique or cosmetics will make good profit. The youth should not loose their sense of respect for the elders. There is a possibility of a sudden decline in health, do not try to change the medicine and routine by yourself without consulting your doctor. You will get chance to join religious satsang.

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Scorpio– On this day, there is a need to be humble in nature, otherwise ego or resentment can make you a character of mockery. There is a possibility of job transfer, can be sent far away from the original site. Due to the position of the planets, the functioning will be interrupted. Interruptions can put you under stress, you have to be patient. Businessmen have to keep their accounts correct, otherwise they can suffer losses due to legal proceedings. Youth should keep themselves working. Do not allow problems in your mind. Conditions regarding health will be favorable, be relaxed.

Sagittarius- Today keep yourself positive towards increased responsibilities. Both personal and professional work will increase. Keep boosting your team’s morale at workplace, avoid any personal comment towards anyone. There are better chances of profit for the merchants doing online business, keep in mind that there should not be any rejection situation regarding the product from the customers. The youth should not leave the advice or discussion about career. Keeping health in mind, stay away from laziness, wake up early in the morning and exercise. You might receive some auspicious news from younger sister.

Capricorn– If anyone comes to ask for help today, do not disappoint them at all. Be careful about data security, vigilance will have to be taken in sharing. Seeing the future benefits of the businessmen, they will have to give up the greed of the present, make the sale by giving priority to the demand of the customers. Fines may have to be paid for not following traffic rules. From the point of view of health, there is a possibility of chronic diseases emerging again, be cautious about pain-enhancing diseases. Decide on the status of the dispute in the family in a fair manner, there is a possibility of increasing estrangement.

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Aquarius – Today is your important day, so celebrate it with full enthusiasm with your loved ones. There is a need to increase warmth with old friends and relatives. Those working with data need to be alert. Do not share any confidential fact with anyone. Do not start a new business without gaining experience, it can be harmful. The advice of the veterans of the field can be effective. Youth need to discover new dimensions in your career. Keep the anxiety away, otherwise many diseases may surround you. The arrival of the guests in the house will please the mind.

Pisces – Keep in mind that the estrangement of relationships will be harmful for the future. You should avoid giving any sharp reaction to the boss’s words, maturity will come with time. Sales of people doing pesticide business will be high. The day will be beneficial for the youth. Late night work will increase neck pain. Prevent stress in the house. Shopping for household goods will be profitable, keep in mind do not buy more items unnecessarily .

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