CWG 2022, Men’s 109kg Weightlifting: Lovepreet Singh wins bronze

Image Source : TWITTER Lovepreet Singh

Lovepreet Singh won a bronze medal in the men’s 109kg weightlifting event with a total lift of 355kg on Wednesday at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Final Standing

  1. Junior Periclex (Cameroon) – 361kg
  2. Jack Hitila (Samoa) – 358kg
  3. Lovepreet Singh (India) – 355kg

Lovepreet’s best lift in snatch was 163kg followed by the best lift in his 3rd Clean and Jerk attempt of 192kg. At the end of the snatch event, Lovepreet was 2nd best. But Junior, who ultimately won the gold medal, lifted a whopping 9kg more in his 2nd attempt of clean and jerk (201kg).

In the end, Jackson Geroge of Australia, in a bid to win a bronze, tried to lift 211kg in his 3rd and final attempt but failed. This meant that Lovepreet stayed at the third spot and won the bronze medal.

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