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COVID19: Kareena Kapoor shares video on children’s plight, posts helpline number to support them


COVID19: Kareena Kapoor shares video on children’s plight, posts helpline number to support them

Amid the second wave of COVID19, several people have lost their loved ones. As the country grapples with serious health crisis, celebrities have been trying to raise awareness about dealing with it. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan on Wednesday raised concerns over the children who have lost their parents due to the deadly virus. She highlighted the plight of children impacted by the pandemic. Bebo urged people to call the childline for information or query of such children.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she captioned the video, “So upsetting that the children in our country have to go through something so brutal to get their basic needs fulfilled. Please do not share information about children on social media. Instead, directly call the childline, 1098, for any information or query.”

The stated video was originally shared by Brut India and talked about children who have lost their parent or a parents due COVID infection. The clip explained ways to support and help these children. The right way for adoption and other details were also shared in the video.

“The Children In Danger During Covid Scores of Indian children are going hungry or being pushed into hard labour during the Covid-19 pandemic, warn people working on the ground. And no, sharing that viral social media message about children up for adoption won’t help them…” read the caption. 

Take a look:

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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Instagram Story

Kareena, mother of two shared this message to spread awareness among the masses. She is trying to help kids who’ve lost their parents.

Recently, Kareena took to her Instagram and shared a post with the helpline numbers of organisations working towards child care and rescue. The actress has been trying to help people in need during this pandemic time. 

She shared the details of a child rescue helpline number, writing “My heart goes out to kids left alone due to the pandemic—either they have lost one or both parents to the virus or the parents are in hospital. Please reach out and call the National Child Helpline (1098) to inform regarding children who are alone because of Covid-19. We cannot even begin to fathom the trauma.” The post featured the contact number of an NGO called Akancha Against Harassment.

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