COVID-19: Testing reduced in Maharashtra in November, says official


LAST UPDATED: Dec. 2, 2020, 5:37 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): The officials have already confirmed that India will be viewing the second wave of COVID- 19 till December-end, and amid such situation,  the daily testing for the infection in Maharashtra has reduced to 63,166 in the month of November. It was recorded 70,393 in October and 88,209 in the month of September, according to the official data.

From beginning of the second peak of the first wave of Corona in September, the daily cases started decreasing. In last month, the cases as well as the deaths due to corona virus also reduced by 50% as compared to the month of October and September.  293,960 Covid-19 cases and 7,249 deaths were recorded in October, which dropped to 14,5490 cases and 3,240 deaths. The positivity rate also dropped to 7.5%, where the recovery rate went to 90% in November. Experts have advised the government to keep up the strict norms of testing.

“The drop in the tests was the result of holidays and also complacency that had come with the dip in the number of the caseload, which dropped to as low as 2,535 on November 16. We have increased the testing now,” a state health department official said.

“The testing is done as per requirements and without aiming at any daily figure”. Said Pradeep Awate, a state surveillance officer

Shashank Joshi, a member of Covid-19 Task Force, said that “The number of testing has increased over the last few days. The aggressive testing will help in treating people early and keep the spread and mortality rate in check,” he said. “The local bodies have been told to track the suspected contacts aggressively at the ratio of 1:20 so that they are treated early. Our aim is to bring the positivity rate below 5%…”

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“They expect a gradual rise in the Covid-19 cases over the next few weeks and a peak or second wave between December 25 and January 26.” Joshi added

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