Covid-19 Pandemic: Is China copying Soviet model of biological warfare?

Yekateringburg (Russia): Exactly 42 years ago, in the months of April and May 1979, suddenly patients with strange pneumonia symptoms started coming to hospitals in a sparsely populated town in Russia.

In a matter of days, at least 66 people died of this unknown disease. The intelligence police then confiscated the patients’ records and instructed the doctors to keep their mouths shut. US spies then got information about some leaks from a lab in Russia. But the local administration of Russia made a strange argument that the disease is spread through infected meat. 

If this information seems familiar to you, then these incidents happened in the communist superpower Soviet Union (Russia). And now this exact same situation is taking place in China regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, then this deadly anthrax infection, which spread in the air in the Soviet Union, was leaked from a military lab there. However, even then US scientists had expressed confidence in the claim of the Soviet Union, saying that the bacteria that spread the infection came from animals to humans. 

After the results of a formal investigation started in 1990, it has been found that the infection was leaked from a lab in the city of Yekateringburg, Russia. Nowadays, to hide the identity of the victims of that time, their graves have been isolated and the name bar has been removed from them. Their bodies were buried with pesticides used in agriculture.

Meselson, a biological weapons expert, said that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992, he and his wife, medical anthropologist Jenny Gullian, arrived in the city of Yekateringburg and studied the phenomenon in depth with other American experts. They assumed that on April 2, 1979, northeasterly winds caused a few milligrams of anthrax to spread. Winds caused the infection to spread at least 30 miles outside the factory.

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Reza Smirnova, 32, a resident of Yekateringburg city and a ceramic factory worker at the time, said that some of her friends were allowed to visit an intelligence compound. He used his reach to get her oranges and canned meats which were difficult to get at that time. 

He also came to know that some intelligence work was going on there on germs. He was also made to sign documents by the KGB for not revealing anything to anyone for 25 years.

It is evident from this old anecdote how a totalitarian government changes the story of a disease and presents it to the world. Many scientists believe that the global pandemic Kovid-19 also originated from animals and spread to humans. 

But scientists also want that this deadly virus can also leak from the Virology Lab in Wuhan, China. It needs a deeper investigation. It is also a matter of concern that like the Soviet government decades ago, the Maoist Chinese government is also denying the possibility of any lab leak.

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