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COVID-19 has further intensified the urgency of need to revamp our education system: Educationist Dr Chandan Agarwal

Nov. 27, 2020, 7:25 p.m.

New Delhi: The COVID-19 pandemic had a long lasting impact on all industries and all spheres of life.

The education industry is also not left untouched – all classroom education has been transformed to online classes. While the country debates if this new mode of learning is good or bad or if our teachers really need to go through this; experts see a silver lining here.

Educationist Chandan Agarwal who is the chairperson of multiple GD Goenka Schools in Kanpur and Lucknow and Syndicate Head of Patna University, Patna University, one of the oldest and reputed educational institutions in the country, feels that while not being able to attend classes physically, in the presence of mentors and competitive peers, has definitely snatched away some important merits of learning from students of all ages and streams – Covid-19 outbreak has remarkably intensified the need to revamp our education system. 

He remarked that even before COVID-19, Indian teaching methodologies needed a push to use technology extensively. 

“With the outbreak, we are left with no choice but to adapt and the resilience shown by schools and students across our country is commendable. The spirit of imparting education and grasping it, has only fueled with the toughening of situations,” he said. 

“Various online applications have been onboarded and collaborated with, by the schools and online classes have resumed in no time.The pandemic has taught all the institutions to learn how to make the best use of technology,” he added. 

Dr Agarwal believes that it is time that the ancient system is demanding certain amendments to be able to produce students and to-be professionals who are absolutely ready to conquer the practical world and enter the workforce as per modern industrial standards. It is essential to drive away from textbook oriented, rote learning and one language dominated education. 

It is time to take significant steps towards practical learning, embracing mediums that focus on concepts more than the languages used and towards enhancing real world knowledge, not just memorizing abilities of a child. 

Apart from being active in the Education sector, Dr Agarwal is also a philanthropist and is on the Board of Advisers of Wockhardt Foundation and Next Generation Charitable Trust. His campaign ‘My City’ in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand, provides relief to those in distress. He supported thousands of stranded labourers during the time of COVID 19 and provided ambulances to contribute to the country’s effort to fight the pandemic.

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