Coronavirus Pandemic: China suffers Omicron resurgence despite Covid-19 lockdown


Beijing: The Omicron wave of the coronavirus pandemic has stopped in many countries. Due to vaccination and Covid-19 guidelines, the situation in India and many other countries are returning to normal. 

At such a time, the coronavirus pandemic is gathering increasing strength in China, from where it had started in 2019. A large number of daily cases of Covid-19 were recorded in China on Saturday, the highest in two years. Chinese officials said that there have been about two thousand new Covid-19 cases in China, including 20 in Beijing.

The National Health Commission of China said on Sunday that 1,807 new cases of local infection of Covid-19 were reported in mainland China on Saturday, while 131 patients are from outside the country. 

The commission said that among the new cases of local infection, 1,412 patients are from Jilin province, where China ordered the imposition of a lockdown last Friday in view of the increasing cases of Covid-19 in the provincial capital Changchun.

Covid-19 cases increasing in China even after imposing lockdown

About 90 lakh people live in Changchun. Apart from Changchun, the administration has also recently ordered a lockdown in the city of Yucheng in Shandong province, which has a population of about five lakhs. 

Apart from Jilin, 175 new Covid-19 cases have been reported in Shandong, 62 in Guandong, 39 in Shanxi, 33 in Hebei, 23 in Jiangsu, 17 in Tianjin and 20 in Beijing. Meanwhile, the situation continues to worsen in Hong Kong where authorities have confirmed 27,647 new cases of Kovid-19.

Situation deteriorating in Hong Kong

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In the former British colony of Hong Kong, 87 more people have died of Kovid-19, which together has killed 3,729 people here. 27647 new cases of corona virus were registered in Hong Kong on Saturday. Meanwhile, school-parks in Shanghai remained closed, while in Beijing, entry into residential areas has been banned. After receiving new cases, the administration in Beijing asked people not to come out of their homes.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warned that the wave of Kovid infection in the region may not have reached its peak yet. He said that at this time it will not be easy to say that we have crossed the peak stage of infection, we should be very careful.

first published:March 13, 2022, 1:29 p.m.

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